Worried About Your Trees? 3 Signs You Need To Hire A Tree Service

If you have trees in your yard, you know how important it is to keep them healthy. After all, trees play a vital role in protecting the environment and providing shade for you and your family. To keep your trees healthy, you need to provide them with three essential elements. First, trees need plenty of water. Second, trees need to be trimmed from time to time. Third, trees need proper aeration for their roots. However, trees also require specialised care from time to time. If you're not familiar with tree care, you might miss a few tell-tale signs of trouble, which means your trees won't get the care they need right away. Read the list provided below. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to seek specialised services for your trees.  

Your Trees Have Beetle Problems

If your trees aren't looking as healthy as they should, now's the time to take a closer look. Your trees could be dealing with a beetle infestation. Unfortunately, tree beetles are difficult to see from a distance, which is why you need to conduct a closer inspection. If you see beetles on the bark, or you notice small bore holes in your trees, you need to call for tree services right away. There's a good chance that your trees are infested with borer beetles. If that's the case, you need to take quick action to resolve the infestation. 

Your Tree's Leaves are Discoloured

If you're worried about your trees, take a close look at the leaves. You might not realise this, but the condition of the leaves can tell you a lot about your trees.  Dark spots, wilted edges and discolouration can all be signs of poor tree health. This is especially true if the discolouration occurs during the summer or spring. Now that summer is here, inspect the leaves on your trees. If they exhibit any of the signs described here, it's time to hire a tree service. Your trees might be diseased, or they might be missing out on vital nutrients. 

Your Tree has Visible Trunk Damage

If you think that your trees might be in trouble, it's time to inspect the trunks. Many people focus on the leaves and branches, but the trunk can display signs of ill-health as well. Take a close look at the trunks of your trees. If you see missing bark or deep cracks, call for local tree services as soon as possible. These are all signs that your trees might be suffering from ill health.