6 Signs Your Tree Might Fall in the Next Storm

Cyclone season isn't far away in Australia. So this is a good time to check on your trees. Trees weakened by age, pests, disease or just general wear and tear have a high risk of falling during storms. If your tree might not be able to stand up to the next big storm, now might be a good time to call a tree removal service.

If your tree displays any of the following signs, consider hiring a tree service to remove it.

1. Cracks in the trunk

Cracks form in tree trunks for various reasons, such as disease, pests or physical injury. And while trees in a forest can survive with cracked trunks because they are protected from strong winds by surrounding trees, an urban tree might not fare so well.

2. Fungus growing on roots

If you have seen fungus or mushrooms growing on and around the root system of your tree, this is a sign of root rot. Trees that have root systems weakened by root rot might not be able to withstand the strong winds of a storm and could become uprooted.

3. Cracked or heaving soil

Have you noticed that the soil around the roots of a large tree on your property is cracked and disturbed? Your tree could be in the process of uprooting, especially if your tree is already beginning to lean. The next storm could bring your tree down. You should seriously consider tree removal before cyclone season.

4. Exposed roots

If tree roots become exposed gradually over time due to elements such as wind and rain stripping away soil, they no longer provide a tree with sufficient anchorage. Strong winds can easily bring down a tree in this situation.

5. Roots growing in shallow soil

The root system of a large tree needs a strong and sturdy root system to hold it in place during bad weather. But rocky or shallow soil doesn't contribute to strong and expansive root systems. If your tree is large and grows in rocky or shallow soil, it may uproot in the next severe storm. Consider removing your tree before the storm season arrives.

6. Dead branches

A good time to identify dead branches is in spring or summer, when a tree is in full bloom. Dead branches will have no leaves on them. Although dead branches alone don't call for tree removal, dead branches are a hazard in stormy weather since they are brittle and weak.

Is your tree ready for cyclone season? If you have any doubts, call a tree service and arrange for an assessment. Tree removal could save your home from damage and protect you and your family when the next big storm hits.