Keeping Good Care of Your Trees

The Surprising Benefits of Tree Removal

Trees are essential to the earth, performing lots of tasks and giving the earth clean air, shade and beauty. However, there are times when tree removal is necessary for the health and safety of a property. While it may seem counterintuitive to cut down trees, there are actually many benefits to removing them. Now, you can explore some of the surprising advantages of tree removal. Safety Trees can be a safety hazard to your property in more ways than one. Read More 

Problems that Can Arise from a Stump and How to Remove It

You may want to remove a tree in your yard for safety or aesthetic reasons. But what about the stump? Should you deal with that at the same time? Two ways to remove the stump are explained below. But first, consider the potential problems of leaving a stump in place after a tree is cut down. Safety A protruding stump can be a safety hazard as grass and foliage spring up around to hide it. Read More 

Are Palm Tree Roots Damaging Your Home’s Sewer Line?

Tall, elegant palm trees can be an attractive addition to a garden or poolside area, but unfortunately, these tropical trees can become more trouble than they are worth. A palm tree's root system can be particularly problematic and can cause serious damage to your home's sewer line if allowed to grow unchecked. How Do Palm Tree Roots Damage Sewer Lines? Many species of palm trees are native to arid areas with dry, sandy soil. Read More 

Worried About Your Trees? 3 Signs You Need To Hire A Tree Service

If you have trees in your yard, you know how important it is to keep them healthy. After all, trees play a vital role in protecting the environment and providing shade for you and your family. To keep your trees healthy, you need to provide them with three essential elements. First, trees need plenty of water. Second, trees need to be trimmed from time to time. Third, trees need proper aeration for their roots. Read More 

6 Signs Your Tree Might Fall in the Next Storm

Cyclone season isn't far away in Australia. So this is a good time to check on your trees. Trees weakened by age, pests, disease or just general wear and tear have a high risk of falling during storms. If your tree might not be able to stand up to the next big storm, now might be a good time to call a tree removal service. If your tree displays any of the following signs, consider hiring a tree service to remove it. Read More