Problems that Can Arise from a Stump and How to Remove It

You may want to remove a tree in your yard for safety or aesthetic reasons. But what about the stump? Should you deal with that at the same time? Two ways to remove the stump are explained below. But first, consider the potential problems of leaving a stump in place after a tree is cut down.


A protruding stump can be a safety hazard as grass and foliage spring up around to hide it. Children playing in the garden can trip over it and hurt themselves, as can adults. A concealed stump can complicate mowing the lawn as well. You may have to hand trim the tall grass because you can't access it with the mower.


A stump can also cause a problem with termites. They can be attracted to the stump and subsequently devour it. These insects can move on to other nearby wooden elements, such as a timber house frame. Grinding the stump will remove the threat. Additionally, a decaying stump is susceptible to disease, which can spread to other parts of the garden.


A tree stump also creates an eyesore in the garden. A sharply cut stump stands out and doesn't look natural. The unfinished truck will especially ruin a formal or minimalist garden. If the stump is in the front garden, it will bring down the kerb appeal of your house and make the landscape look untidy.

Stump Grinding Versus Excavating the Stump

You can deal with a stump in two ways, which an arborist can explain in more detail. They can grind the stump with a machine and turn it into wood chips. This option gives you the benefit of mulch, which you can use to decorate the garden and make it healthier. Once the stump is ground to below the soil level, the roots will often decay. This stump solution is relatively quick and easy, though chopping up the wood can be noisy! Both the wood chips and roots will nourish the earth.

The alternative method of managing the stump is to excavate it, roots and all. This is a major task in the case of a mammoth tree with roots that extend across the yard. Large holes will be dug, and heavy machinery may be needed to hoist the stump out of the ground. You might only take this approach if you are forced to because, for example, you are building on that spot and the roots need to go.

For more information, contact a stump grinding company near you.