The Difference Between Rubber and Organic Mulch

Most large trees can benefit greatly from proper mulching. Mulching around the base of your large trees will protect the root system from drying out and add a decorative base around the trunk. Furthermore, mulch will protect your roots from being damaged by people or animals walking around the tree. Two of the most commonly used products are rubber and organic mulch. This article will highlight the advantages of both, so you can decide which is best for your tree.

The Advantages of Rubber Mulch

There are several characteristics of rubber mulch that make it popular for landscaping. Rubber mulch is a more permanent solution that does not dissolve into the soil beneath. It will last many years under your tree. It is very effective at preventing weeds and protects the soil from water evaporation. Rubber is heavier than most organic mulch products. This means it will not blow away and get all over the rest of your yard.

Proponents of rubber mulch also claim that is is an eco-friendly product because it is made out recycled materials, like car tires. However, not all rubber mulch is black. It can be dyed to be a more natural color so it does not detract from the style of your tree. In the end, rubber mulch is an effective and low maintenance option for mulching around large trees.

The Advantages of Organic Mulch

The most evident advantage of organic mulches is that they look more natural. In fact, you can often use dried out clippings from your tree as mulch. Organic mulch like wood chips are highly effective because they dissolve and deposit valuable nutrients into the soil below. This means you will need to reapply mulch to the base of your tree every few seasons, but it might be well worth the extra investment to establish a healthier tree. Also, organic mulch that is comprised of recycled wood shavings is more eco-friendly than rubber products.

Most organic mulches, especially bark and wood shavings, are very effective at insulating the soil. They shade the soil and prevent the evaporation of water. They can create a natural looking barrier around the trunk of your tree.

Mulching is an affordable and easy way to ensure that your tree has a healthier soil and root system. In the end, organic mulches might require a bit more care and maintenance, but they are certainly more eco-friendly and natural looking. A tree specialist, such as Treesafe Environmental Services, can help you decide what type of mulch will be most beneficial for your types of trees.