Identifying and Treating Aracnose Disease In Shade Trees

Deciduous trees in your garden can provide a thick canopy of welcome shade on hot summer days and a riot of colour during the autumn when the leaves turn and fall. However, your shade trees could be at risk of attack by a common leaf disease called anthracnose.

So, what is anthracnose and how to you get rid of it?

Recognising anthracnose

Anthracnose is a very destructive disease that is caused by fungal pathogens. Deciduous trees that are commonly affected by anthracnose disease include:

  • ash
  • maple
  • oak
  • sycamore

The pathogens enter the tree via the main central veins in its leaves. The first signs that you will notice are large spots on the tree's leaves, generally appearing during long periods of wet, cool weather. Other damage can include brown blotches and lesions and irregular brown patches on the leaves.

Trees that are seriously affected by anthracnose disease drop their leaves prematurely. Cankers can also appear on the tree, which can cause whole branches to die.

Treating anthracnose disease

If you suspect that any of your trees are infected with anthracnose disease, rake up any fallen leaves and burn them. The disease spreads when the microscopic spores contained in the fallen leaves are distributed by the wind.

Keep your trees well-hydrated during droughts and prolonged dry spells in the summer and fertilise them regularly to help combat the stress of that the disease causes. Your local tree services company will be able to offer you more advice on the best type of fertiliser to use to help improve your trees' resistance to attack by pests and diseases and to ensure that it has all the nutrition it requires to stay healthy in challenging weather conditions.

It is also extremely important that you have your tree services contractor attend your property regularly to carry out selective pruning work on affected and vulnerable trees. Correct pruning by an expert can effectively eliminate the disease and prevent it from spreading.

In conclusion

Anthracnose disease is a common disease of deciduous trees that can leave them looking shabby and untidy. In severe cases, if left untreated, the disease can even kill your trees. To keep your deciduous shade trees protected from anthracnose disease, follow the tips above. Be sure to have all the trees on your land regularly pruned and inspected by a good tree services contractor to keep them healthy and in good shape.