Why Your Tree’s Branches Are Drooping and How Trimming Can Help

Are your tree's branches looking a little droopy lately? Then your tree might be in need of a little trimming. However, there are quite a few reasons for branch droop. In fact, did you know that a study carried out in 2016 found that trees seem to rest their branches during the night by letting them droop?

If your tree's branches are drooping, if it isn't asleep, then the cause is likely one of the following!

Heavy Growth Leads to Drooping

It is spring in Australia. That means trees all over the country are sprouting new branches, leaves and seeds. Species like the eucalyptus tree produce seedpods that can sometimes weigh down branches and cause them to droop. However, sometimes, heavy growth can cause branches to come under strain.

What to Do

Wait until later in the season and your tree will shed its seeds, lightening the load. Or, if your tree's branches are drooping excessively, hire an arborist to trim them before they cause an accident. You can trim as much as 25% of a tree's branches without harming its ability to feed itself.

Insufficient Water Causes Drooping Branches

Are your trees parched? When a tree doesn't have enough water, its branches dry out and begin to droop. Unfortunately, during the summer, trees shed branches that they can no longer support.

What to Do

In this case, you should water your tree for several days or until the drought passes. You could also trim your tree's branches to lower its workload and reduce its need for water.

Certain Tree Species Droop Naturally

Many tree species, such as the oak or willow grow branches that droop toward the ground. However, this propensity to droop can become a problem when your tree is in an area that sees foot traffic.

What to Do

Since you can safely remove up to 25% of a tree's branches without harming its ability to take in food, you can hire a tree service to remove the branches that droop close to the ground. Alternatively, an arborist can also use braces to keep drooping branches from hanging too low.

Weak Tree Crotches Cause Drooping            

A crotch is the place where a tree branch connects to the trunk of a tree. Sometimes, these connections are weak. This leads to severe drooping and eventual branch breakage.

What to Do

The safest thing to do in this case is to trim the branch or branches so that they can't fall and cause an accident in future. If such a drooping branch does fall, it will rip away a section of the trunk and severely damage the tree. You may then lose the tree to disease or pests as trees often struggle to heal severe injuries. Hire an arborist to remove the limb and ensure the longevity of your tree.

Are your tree's branches drooping? Then you should consider trimming them before they injure your tree or cause an accident. Contact a company like Ezi Cut Tree Services Pty Ltd for more information.