Obtain a Tree Report Before Purchasing a Property

Buying a new home requires a deft approach because it is a costly affair. For instance, it is essential to get every relevant inspection report from a seller. Sadly, most buyers tend to pay attention to the most common reports and forget the importance of a tree report. Notably, you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary challenges if you do not ask for a tree report from a property seller.

This article highlights the benefits of obtaining a tree report before buying a property.

Property Insurance Coverage

You need an insurance cover for your new property to protect the investment. This is especially the case if there are many trees nearby that pose an unprecedented risk to the property. Most importantly, an insurance company will not cover your property if you do not produce a tree report. Therefore, a property seller should have the report ready at the time of purchase.

Additionally, the tree report must be prepared by a certified arborist. Other tree specialists, such as a tree surgeon, are not qualified to conduct detailed tree inspections and prepare complex tree reports. You can always hire an arborist to prepare the report if the seller does not have it. It would help if you hired an arborist for the tree report before buying a property so you can have the insurance coverage.

Identify Dangerous Trees

Buying a property with beautiful trees is the wish of most property buyers. However, some of the most beautiful vegetation can be poisonous under certain conditions. For example, the seeds, sap, or leaves of certain tree species contain toxic compounds that can easily irritate the skin from the slightest of scratches.

A potentially poisonous tree is the last thing you need on your property if you have young children or pets. A tree report details the tree species on the property and highlights the poisonous ones. Such information is vital when purchasing a property. Therefore, not only will the tree report save you the hassle of uprooting the plants once you move in, but it will also keep your family safe.

Details Tree Health

Young trees need careful handling to grow strong and healthy. However, a tree might appear healthy from the outside while the opposite is true. You cannot be sure the previous property owner took great care of the young trees if they do not provide a tree report. You might be left with costly tree service work if it turns out the plants are in poor health condition. Obtaining a tree report allows you to assess the health of the trees on a property and decide whether the purchase is worth your time and money.