How to Protect Your Trees from Potential Wind Damage

You don't have to live in "Cyclone Alley" to be worried about the impact of high wind. Many other parts of the country are susceptible to significant weather events and while they may not be as damaging as such a big storm blowing in off the water, they can still impact some of the valuable plants and trees in your back garden. How can you look after your trees, help them stand up to an onslaught and recover as quickly as possible when a storm has blown through? Read More 

Trees vs Sprinklers: How Sprinklers Can Spell Doom for Nearby Trees

When setting up a sprinkler in your garden, ensure that the water spray does not hit the trunks or canopies of nearby trees. Although grasses and plants benefit from having water sprayed directly on and around them, the same is not true for trees. In fact, doing so could harm or even kill a tree. Water Droplets Carry Fungal Infections Fungal spores rely on wind, soil movement, such as that caused by machinery, and water droplets to spread from one place to another. Read More 

4 Landscaping Ideas That Can Give Your Home a New Look

Many homeowners tend to overlook the landscaping condition of their property, which, if attended to, could improve the looks of the house. Whether you plan on selling the property or just want to spruce it up, a beautiful vista is priceless. Here are several ways you can use landscaping to give your property a new look. 1. Adorn Your Picket Fence With Flowers Flowers are versatile, and you can harness them in different ways to spruce up your home. Read More