Keeping Good Care of Your Trees

Tools for pruning trees

If your tree is growing too large or out of shape, it will require pruning. Pruning, the cutting back of branches and shoots, can be difficult to do yourself. Getting the timing right and cutting the correct amount off for your particular tree is tricky. Getting a professional in can be easier and quicker but sometimes expensive. Pruning becomes easier when you have the right tools. If you do decide to prune your trees yourself, here is a look at the tools you might need. Read More 

The Difference Between Rubber and Organic Mulch

Most large trees can benefit greatly from proper mulching. Mulching around the base of your large trees will protect the root system from drying out and add a decorative base around the trunk. Furthermore, mulch will protect your roots from being damaged by people or animals walking around the tree. Two of the most commonly used products are rubber and organic mulch. This article will highlight the advantages of both, so you can decide which is best for your tree. Read More