Keeping Good Care of Your Trees

Bushfire Protection: 5 Things To Do Before Removing Trees

Every summer, bushfires present an enormous danger to the lives and property of many Australians. Recent bushfires have caused extensive damage to farmland near Canberra, affecting more than 2,400 hectares. To reduce the risk that a bushfire will spread to your property, you may wish to remove trees which are close to your home. However, before you fell any trees, there are several things you should do. Check if you are covered by the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme Read More 

Identifying and Treating Aracnose Disease In Shade Trees

Deciduous trees in your garden can provide a thick canopy of welcome shade on hot summer days and a riot of colour during the autumn when the leaves turn and fall. However, your shade trees could be at risk of attack by a common leaf disease called anthracnose. So, what is anthracnose and how to you get rid of it? Recognising anthracnose Anthracnose is a very destructive disease that is caused by fungal pathogens. Read More 

How To Deal With Spider Mite Infestation In Your Fir and Spruce Trees

Spruce and fir trees can provide a wonderful backdrop to your property. Their foliage offers an evergreen display all year round and their fallen cones can be used for decorative purposes or for fire kindling once the local wildlife has harvested the nutritious seeds inside. Unfortunately, a great many varieties of spruce and fir trees can be vulnerable to attack by the spider mite pest. So, how do you spot spider mites and what action can you take to get rid of them? Read More 

Winter Trees - Alive or Dead?

Trees in your garden can provide year round interest and provide a welcome habitat for birds and wildlife as well as flowers in the spring time and fruit in the summer. However, many species of trees can appear to be dead during the winter months, leading to accidental removal of an actually healthy tree. You should have dead or diseased trees professionally removed to avoid the risk of one falling and causing damage to property, but how do you tell which ones are healthy and which need to go? Read More 

Going Tree-Total: A Short Guide to Trees and How they Can Damage Your Home

Trees can provide a property with a range of benefits, like shade and clean air, and can even help you to lower your energy bill when placed strategically around your home. They also serve as natural ornaments that can add value to a home. However, trees can also be a hazard, and can cause considerable damage in some situations, each of which shall be discussed here. If you are currently thinking about purchasing a property that has trees on it, or are thinking about planting some trees around your home, make sure you consider the following before making a decision. Read More