Keeping Good Care of Your Trees

4 Landscaping Ideas That Can Give Your Home a New Look

Many homeowners tend to overlook the landscaping condition of their property, which, if attended to, could improve the looks of the house. Whether you plan on selling the property or just want to spruce it up, a beautiful vista is priceless. Here are several ways you can use landscaping to give your property a new look. 1. Adorn Your Picket Fence With Flowers Flowers are versatile, and you can harness them in different ways to spruce up your home. Read More 

The Key to Tree Transplant Shock: Why Small Outdoes Tall When Planting Nursery Stock

If you are planning on adding some young trees to your yard for their shade-giving properties in the hot summers to come, you may be set on investing in some larger trees. After all, the more mature the tree, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy the shade it provides, right? Not necessarily. When young trees are moved from a nursery to a yard they suffer from transplant shock. Although a well established tree with a strong root system will always outgrow a newly planted younger tree, the opposite is seldom true. Read More 

How to Get More Light in a Garden

Some gardens seem full of natural light and feature plants which thrive on exposure to plenty of sunshine. On the other hand, a good many city gardens seem devoid of light, especially those which have high walls or fences at their sides. There again, some tropical parts of the country feature planting which would be more at home in the bush. Forming a canopy of a garden, just as you would find in nature, this can mean that light is blocked from lower growing plants and even into the interior of your home. Read More 

Bushfire Protection: 5 Things To Do Before Removing Trees

Every summer, bushfires present an enormous danger to the lives and property of many Australians. Recent bushfires have caused extensive damage to farmland near Canberra, affecting more than 2,400 hectares. To reduce the risk that a bushfire will spread to your property, you may wish to remove trees which are close to your home. However, before you fell any trees, there are several things you should do. Check if you are covered by the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme Read More 

Identifying and Treating Aracnose Disease In Shade Trees

Deciduous trees in your garden can provide a thick canopy of welcome shade on hot summer days and a riot of colour during the autumn when the leaves turn and fall. However, your shade trees could be at risk of attack by a common leaf disease called anthracnose. So, what is anthracnose and how to you get rid of it? Recognising anthracnose Anthracnose is a very destructive disease that is caused by fungal pathogens. Read More