Why Your Tree’s Branches Are Drooping and How Trimming Can Help

Are your tree's branches looking a little droopy lately? Then your tree might be in need of a little trimming. However, there are quite a few reasons for branch droop. In fact, did you know that a study carried out in 2016 found that trees seem to rest their branches during the night by letting them droop? If your tree's branches are drooping, if it isn't asleep, then the cause is likely one of the following! Read More 

When to Consider Tree Removal If Installing a Septic Tank System

When you are looking at property to buy, one of the things you must consider is the waste water drainage system. If you are keen on having a septic tank system to serve your property, then you may need to bring in more professionals than just septic tank system installers. Topping that list of other professionals you may need to hire are tree removal specialists. If you want a property with a septic tank system, you may need to consider removing some trees around that site. Read More